* Words with G-Tone.. * (by Yadana Htun)

Posted: March 31, 2009 in Interview

THIS weeks Time out is excited to interview young musician who works behind the stage by creating great music for famous MC. G Tone is a member of Cyclone band but he is well known in hip hop circles for his creations. He is young but experienced.


Time out: How did you get into music and become a hip hop artist?
G Tone: Since 2001, when I was14, I started making music and performing on stage. I began my activities as a member of a band named YGN. Then we changed our band to Cyclone with my elder brother and a friend.

How did you get stuck on hip hop?
My brother always played hip hop songs at home and I would have to listen to them even if I didn’t want to hear. At that time, he mostly played famous hip hop songs so I was brought up with them. My brother teaches me everything about hip hop: composing, making music and rapping and lifestyle. I got really stuck on it.

But we see you mostly making music rather than singing?
Yeah, I have become more specialised in making music since 2006. Since then, I have created music for famous artists such as Anegga and J Me.

What do you prefer: singing or creating music?
I love both of them because singing is a way of creating music too. But I feel freer when I’m creating music. Your moods can flow through beats even if you are alone. When I’m in the mood, I forget to have meals regularly and stay in front of the computer without doing anything for the whole day except music.

Wow! You have a great interest in it.?
Yeah! But I’m always busy for others so I can’t do it for me. Now I’m trying to release my solo album as soon as possible and show my efforts and MCing skills. I give it the title Yike Sar and it’s nearly finished. Bigg Y, Anegga, Cyclone and Chit Soe also feature in my album.

When the music you create for others becomes a hit, how do you feel as a person behind stage?
I’m happy. The main thing is that thousands of people accept my music. They dance whenever I create music; I always think about how much I can make people feel it.

Is there anything you aren’t so good at music-wise?
Over the past few years I have only focussed on making music so I have become poor at composing. I try to practice playing music at once after writing the lyrics. I know it’s not good for me to create beats every day.

So what will be your future: MC or music composer?
My ideal is Dr Dre. He does both MCing and making outlandish music for others. He helps the new artists and also works together with famous artists. I want to be like him. I’ll try to own a studio and keep on making music.

ref:<a href=”http://www.mmtimes.com”>www.mmtime.com</a&gt;

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