Hip-Hop Battle With Unfair Judges? ( found on Anegga’s page )

Posted: July 13, 2009 in OBO Street Section, Review
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What’s Up Y’all,

aneggaToday i’m doing Judge at L.A. Entertainment. So many M.C. spit their rhymes, for me i’m doing my Job as Judge. And two of my friends also same as i (Yan Yan Chan & Yatha). This is my fourth time being as Judge, three times at L.A. Entertainment & other one at J-Me and Kyaw Hein (Freestyle Battle).

I know so many Emcees around town coz i’m interesting what are they doing…their Artwork (Hip-Hop) i also appreciate them. 12.07.2009 Hip Hop Freestyle was really strange to me many great emcees come this “BATTLE” to prove their “SKILLS” some of the emcees come with more friends (to get more applause i think). That would be great for that emcee but i saw one or two M.C. they only come with less friends (maybe 1 or 2 i think). Problem is audience doesn’t like to pay respect their competence (you know what i meant right?). I know what they felt about their friend but it’s competition, Judge have to check their “skills” what they spiting “lyrics” word using technique , how they right in their rhymes “flows”.

But they think Judge don’t care the Audience… Judges do their job. Today i saw many EMCEES got potential (better than mainstream Hip-Hoppers… coz they can’t do freestyle like real EMCEES). I gave won to competitors who had great skills and styles (Lyrics, Rhymes & Flows). Today i heard many Audience don’t like the Judge, they don’t look what Audience like. Can you imagine what i’m writing coz Judges do the right thing no matter who they are or where they from & who they group with, we make a decision who has to won in “BATTLE” right way. No scheming to Nobody and we decide to make a right Decision. We have to give appreciate whose got the right skills.

They are true Underground Kings… !

Now i wanna give a shout-out to…

1. Net Kyaw

2. Ye Naung

3. Ba Thaw

4. Zarni

5. Y Jay

6. Sar Chout Yote

7. Buu Thee

8. Little T

9. Lan Barr

10. Yan Yan

11. Bay Gee

12. Jelly

13. Baby

14. N.O.P (so many etc… ) forgive me if i don’t put some name might be absent that was my fault.

Real Recognize Real


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